26 Nov 2014

Kastenien – Chestnut Cookies

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These are like homemade Ferrero Rocher, but I’m calling them Kastanien (German: Chestnuts) because it’s that time of year and the look kind of like a chestnut. A whole hazelnut, wrapped in a cookie shell with a chocolate glaze and hazelnut wafer coating. They’re unusual in their use of hard boiled egg yolks in the dough, and the finished cookies are soft and more like a cake than a cookie.

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24 Nov 2014

Избушкa (Izbushka/Hut Cake)

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Somewhere between a cake and a bread, this Russian dessert consists of rolls of cherry filled pastry glued together with sweetened sour cream filling. The dough was very unusual to work with, very similar in consistency to gluten free cake dough in that it was springy and stretchy like rubber.

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19 Nov 2014

Apple Mince Pie Bars

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After the massive popularity of the Bakewell Slices I made, I needed something similar but different. These apple mince pie bars taste like Christmas and the sliced apples make them distinctly different than ordinary mince pies. They’re easy to make and can be sliced into bite sized pieces.

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18 Nov 2014

Chocolate Hazelnut North Pole Cupcakes

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Straight from the snow capped peaks of The North Pole. These chocolate cupcakes have bug chunks of chocolate, hazelnuts and a chocolate frosting. The flag pole is edible too, made from a mint Matchmaker. The images for the flag and cupcake labels are below.

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17 Nov 2014

Cherry Pecan Bites

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Bitesized sugar cookies with cherries, pecans and white chocolate chips.

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16 Nov 2014

No Yeast Stollen

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An excuse to use Marzipan which isn’t sitting down with a whole bar of it and a cup of tea. Stollen is a German Christmas tradition – packed with dried fruits, nuts and marzipan. Me and yeast breads don’t have a great track record which is why I avoid them, but this one doesn’t use yeast, and still tasted great. Stollen’s fairly dense anyway and the baking powder gave this enough of a rise without the yeast.

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13 Nov 2014


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Easier than it looks and coated in delicious marzipan. The colours can be varied to make this halloween (green/purple) or bonfire night (yellow/orange) themed.

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12 Nov 2014


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A Christmas staple. I’ve been dying for chance to use the mortar and pestle which has been sat on the shelf since I got it. These gingerbread type cookies are a German Christmas biscuit which are glazed with (in my case rum) icing.

Iced, garnished pfeffernüsse

Garnish with pink peppercorns

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09 Nov 2014


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Italian “mustaches” filled with almonds and chocolate. These are a type of Christmas pastry – something different to try around Christmas and unusual in their use of honey dough.

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08 Nov 2014

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Pistachios

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Has it already been 8 months since I last baked Sticky Toffee Pudding? Time to give it another bash. This version includes whiskey and pistachios, as well as dates and ginger. The recipe makes 12 cupcake sized puddings.

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