24 Apr 2015

St George’s Day Roundup

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For the whole of April I tried to bake at least one ‘British’ themed dessert per week in honour of St George’s Day on 23rd April.

It’s difficult to fit everything in. With a million British recipes and only so many friends and family to bake for with a limited capacity for cakes. Some of my favourites were…

St George's Day Labels

St George’s Day Baking Extravaganza

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22 Apr 2015

Jammie Dodgers

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A classic British biscuit. Jammie dodgers are a shortbread cookie with a jam filling. They’re basically a Linzer biscuit, but this particular recipe used ground almonds as well as plain flour.

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19 Apr 2015

Union Cheesecake with Blueberries and Raspberries

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Cheesecakes are on the same level as lemon curd and custard as far as satisfaction from baking goes. They only take 10 mins of preparation and turn from raw ingredients into a delicious dessert like magic. These cupcake sized mini cheesecakes used a gluten free crust and were decorated with strawberries and blueberries to form the Union Flag (for St George’s Day on 23rd April). I didn’t sweeten the fruit, but the biscuit base and filling used enough sugar to provide sweetness.

I used gluten free digestives which didn’t seem to hold together as well during baking, but you could substitute these for regular biscuits of any type (I’ve been meaning to try gingersnaps).
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19 Apr 2015

Cherry and Almond Cupakes

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Almond cupcakes with big chunks of cherry. I had leftover kirsch soaked cherries from Valentine’s Day which have been chilling in the fridge, waiting for these cupcakes, which were. The inside was red and white for St George’s Day on 23rd April.

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18 Apr 2015

Raspberry Roly Poly

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On the run up to St. George’s Day, this is a great British recipe and is really easy to make. A sponge cake filled with jam, best served with custard.

If you were unsure, a Roly Poly is different from a Swiss roll in that a roly poly is filled with jam and usually served with custard. A Swiss roll is usually filled with jam and whipped cream and eaten without custard.

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18 Apr 2015

Dragon’s Breath Chilli Cupcakes with Chocolate Chilli Frosting

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A little too spicy based on feedback, the level of spice may need toning down somewhat. Despite the heat, these chilli chocolate combination were an interesting recipe to try, but not one I’d repeat.

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12 Apr 2015

Victoria Jamwich

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Just like a Victoria sandwich, only with sprinkles for St George’s Day. I used a different recipe for the buttercream which resulted in a smooth, glossy buttercream. The only secret was leaving the mixer running with just the butter for around 5 mins before adding the icing sugar – I didn’t even sift the icing sugar.

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10 Apr 2015

Toffee Apple Sponge Puddings

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I’m trying to theme baking around British/English desserts on the run up to St George’s day on 23rd April. This steamed sponge pudding is light and topped with apples and topped with apples and caramel sauce. I’ve actually been planning an upside-down cake of some sort for a while, and I only realized this ‘scratched the itch’ after I made it.

Served with vanilla custard and optional extra toffee sauce (recipe below). The full sized labels for both the cake and custard are also below.
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06 Apr 2015

Oatmeal Hobnob Bars

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An oat flapjack base with peanut butter and dates, filled with a marshmallow centre and topped with peanut butter Rice Krispies. Like a hobnob – only with peanuts… and marshmallows!

I packaged these up with individual labels, which looks great but seems to take forever… The link to download the labels is after the jump.

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05 Apr 2015


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Passover is 3rd – 11th April, and Rugelach are a Jewish pastry filled with cinnamon and raisins (and in my case, chocolate and raspberry). They’re easy to make and you can swap out the filling for endless variations. I made half cinnamon/raisin and half chocolate/raspberry.

I also made some mini flags from toothpicks to show which flavours they were (PSD below). Read more

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