27 Feb 2006

Yigg – Neues auf Deutsch

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A blatant Digg clone, Yigg.de reports tech news in german. It uses exactly the same layout as Digg, but apparently there has never been any form of communication between it's owner's and Digg.com. The biggest difference seems to be the lack of interesting story, the top story at the minute being that Pluto has two more moons!


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  1. Reply Enrico says:

    Same layout? We use a mozilla based layout, and thats exactly how digg.com started too, dunno since which version you know digg.com but most of the stuff was also ripped from mozilla style layout.

    And why do anyone care about it? We are a non-profit organisation, we do not make any money with it and this never was (and actually not is) the plan. We operated a german tech news site since 5 years called Thinknerd (.de,.net,.org) and as digg fans we thought we should do this too but for OUR thinknerd readers and german readers.

    So we closed thinknerd and started yigg (and yes we also own digg.de) ..

    and if you refer to TWIT… well kevin is right, there was no communication from them to us, but from us to them going back to december last year, we only got 1 reply lately when we tried again last month again.

    Mails send to digg.com (including 1 support reply from them)


    My english sucks, sorry for that

  2. Reply Echilon says:

    It just looked like the same layout to me. I actually heard about the site on the Poweruser.tv podcast, and it made me laugh. Still, I think Yigg.de is a great site, dabei kriege ich viele übung mit Deutsch :)

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