27 Nov 2007

More Space on Your iPod Touch

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I bought a shiny new iPod touch, and after unlocking it to install custom applications, I soon filled the 300Mb applications partition. If you need more than 300Mb for apps (which you more than likely will if you install more than a couple), you can create a sym link to the music partition.

  1. SSH into your iPod using a client such as Putty with the iPod's IP address, user: root, password: alpine.
  2. Move the applications folder to /private/var/Applications by typing mv /Applications /private/var/Applications
  3. Change directory to / by typing cd /
  4. Create a link to the new applications directory: ln -s /private/var/Applications Applications
  5. Now when you list the directory using ls -la, you should see something like lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 25 Oct 12 22:31 Applications -> /private/var/Applications
  6. Reboot your iPhone and fill up yet more space with useless applications!

[Via: MacRumours]

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3 Responses to “More Space on Your iPod Touch”

  1. Reply jonicht says:

    Great. It works, but some programs will be lost, such as Calculator and Calendar. Any hints?

  2. Reply Echilon says:

    Why would you lose programs? You’re just moving your applications from a smaller partition to a larger one.

  3. Reply Miko says:

    I was able to do what was instructed in the blog post but as what as one of the commenter implied I can’t access the pre-installed apps like Photos, Mail, Contacts, iPod etc. I cannot access them on my iPod. I can’t see them at all. I was wondering how I could access them again or if I could undo it.

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