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01 Jan 2006

Contemplating Existence Wallpaper

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Contemplating Existence

A modified pic from my window, taken while listening to Nichts in der Welt by Die Ärzte. I love the view at sunset

Download [1280×1024]
Download Widescreen [1680×1050]
Download Widescreen [1900×1200]

26 Nov 2005

Dynasig 1.0 Released

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Dynasig is a dynamic PHP script which lets you set a mood using the control panel, and adds a picture for it, aswell as a random quote to an image which you can use as a sig on forums. Version 1 is just a preview really, and I'm hoping to add support for winamp, mirc and loads more features in the future. You can make sigs like the one below with version 1.0.


Download Dynasig 1.0
Control Panel Screenshot

12 Sep 2005

New tutorial added & site design changed

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It's that time of the year again when I revamp the site. I've switched from WordPress to Mambo, which lets me do loads more.

I've also added a tutorial for Patching the HTC Magician ROM and adding the BigStorage mod, which removes the Extended ROM and converts the space to usable storage. The HTC Magician is sold as the iMate JAM, Qtek S100, O2 XDA Mini, MDA Compact, and VPA.

24 Mar 2005

E1000 Review Added

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Motorola E1000I added a review of Motorola's E1000 mobile phone. Find it under the Articles section.

Motorola E1000 Review

17 Feb 2005

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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The sequel to 2003's Game of the Year wasn't a disappointment. I even wrote a review!

KoToR II Review

07 Nov 2003

Quoth the server, 404

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Found a cool poem…
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pron surfed, weak and weary,
Over many a strange and spurious pronsite of 'hot XXX Galore',
While I clicked my favorite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning,
And my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour.
"Tis not possible!", I muttered, "give me back my free hardcore!"
Quoth the server,