IRC is the easiest and fastest way to download things, this tutorial explains how to use IRC search engines to download files. In this example, I'll search for The Matrix Reloaded.

1) First, set mIRC to automatically accept DCCs, press ALT+O while in mIRC, scroll down to the DCC section and set it up like mine

mIRC options window

mIRC options window

2) Use a search engine to search for the file you need. I use these:

3) When you search with one of these, you'll be taken to a page of results. If no results appear when you search for a file, try using one word, like Matrix, if no results showed up when  you searched for The Matrix Reloaded. You know that a CD is about 700Mb, so the matrix reloaded could be 3 or 4 CDs because its a movie. Some bots will offer the CDs individually, others will offer it as one big file with all of the discs inside. Scroll down until you see one that looks about the right size, then click on the hyperlinked pack # next to it.

Click the hyperlinked pack number

4) mIRC will open and show you this this dialog.

mIRC connect dialog

Select the bottom option and click proceed.

5) When you clicked on the link, the search engine will have copied a CTCP query into your clipboard, so paste your clipboard into the chat box, then press enter. Three things can happen here. The bot will either send you the file straight away, queue it in one of its queue slots, then send it to you when all current sends and people before you have got their files, or deny you a slot, this happens when all of the queue slots are used up. You will get one of the messages below from the bot…

***Sending you pack #13 – The Matrix Reloaded SVCD (2.0Gb)

*** All sends used, pack #13 – The Matrix Reloaded SVCD has been placed in queue slot #4, it will send when sends are available

*** All Slots Full, Main queue of size 15 is Full, Try Again Later

Sometimes, you get 'No such nick' when you send the ctcp line, this is because the bot is offline.

I've made a small script, to load it, copy it to your mIRC directory and type '/load -rs xdcclist.mrc'. It will add an XDCC menu to your channel and nicklist menus so you can right click on a nick and either xdcc list it or xdcc send.

Disclaimer: I don't condone downloading games or any other copyrighted material, this page is for educational purposes etc…