Adding the BigStorage ROM Modification to the HTC Magician

On the HTC Magician (Sold as the iMate JAM, MDA Compact, VPA, XDA Mini, and others), a hidden, read only section of the memory is designated for the programs supplied by your provider. This section of memory can be deleted, making more space available to the user. The guide below describes the SD Card method or backing up the ROM, patching it, and flashing it back to the device. Before you start, back up your device, then follow the steps below.

You'll need:

  • SD Card with at least 64 Mb of Storage, backup everything on this first, because it will be formatted during the procedure.
  • SD Card reader

Dumping the ROM

  1. Perform a hard reset of your device, by pressing Power and Soft Reset. When the device starts up, after you run the screen calibartion wizard, immediately perform a soft reset with the stylus.
  2. When your Magician starts up again, there should be a folder in the root of your device called 'Extended ROM', containing the apps your provider bundled with the phone. Make a backup of these to somewhere safe on your PC.
  3. Tap Start>ActiveSync on your PDA, the tap Tools>Options>Options, and Uncheck the checkbox saying 'Enable PC sync using this connection'. Next, on your PC, kill the 'wcescomm.exe' process in task manager (ctrl+shift+esc).
  4. Start your PDA in Boot Loader mode by pressing Camera, Power and Soft Reset with the stylus. The backlight will be off, but the screen should say USB. Unzip (link above), and run romupdate.exe. Select USB, \\WCESHUB001, or a name similar, depending on your device and click connect. Type 'd2s' without the quotes.
  5. Your MDA will copy the ROm to the SD Card, and the screen will count to 100%. When it's finished, it will calculate the checksum, which takes a few minutes. When the screen says 'Checksum OK', you can remove the SD card and insert it into a card reader connected to your PC. Windows may prompt you that the card is not formatted, and ask you to format it. Click No.
  6. Open a command prompt, and switch to the directory you extracted to. Run 'ntrw read rombackup.nb1 X:', where X: is the letter of your SD Card. This could take some time, depending on the size of the SD Card you used, as the MDA uses the whole capacity of the card when dumping the ROM. When it's finished, make a copy of rombackup.nb1, and keep it somewhere safe.
  7. Run 'RunTimeVB6.exe' from to install the VB6 runtimes. You'll need to rename rombackup.nb1 to rom.nb1 and put it into the directory you unzipped to.
  8. Run 'mksBigStoragerENG.exe'. You should end up with a patched ROM called 'mksBigStorage.nb1' that you need to flash back to your device.
  9. Reflashing the ROM

  10. Switch to the directory you unzipped to in a command prompt, and run 'ntrw write mksBigStorage.nb1 X:', where X: is the drive letter of your SD Card. Ignore any error messages at the end of writing.
  11. Put the SD Card back into your MDA, and reset it in bootloader mode (power, camera and soft reset). After a while, the screen will say 'Press power to flash'. Press power when prompted, and wait for the progress meter to reach 100%.
  12. Ignore the error messages about a failed checksum, and reset your device. You should now have about 30Mb of Storage memory, and no Extended ROM.

There a a few programs from the Extended ROM that you may want to install.
Caller_ID_WWE_RC10.CAB – Adds some sort of Caller ID software, sounds important… – Addresses some camera issues
Default_JMM101257_wwe_1004.CAB – Java Virtual Machine
MMS_2.0.0.13_WWE.CAB – Adds MMS functionality to Outlook