26 Nov 2015

Toffee Apple Pop Tarts

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Homemade poptarts are a great way to add fruit and another way to sneak Christmas spice in. These pop tarts are filled with apples, pecans and toffee sauce. You can vary the amount of wholegrain/plain flour (keep the total weight the same) and I prefer to use a mixture of apple varieties.

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07 Nov 2015

Firework Cupcakes

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After the huge popularity of the Chocolate Bonfires last week, these vanilla firework cupcakes were perfect for watching the Bonfire fireworks tonight. It’s the first time I’ve done a multi-coloured swirl but there are a few tricks I picked up. The bigger the piping bag, the better – regular sized ones are fiddly to spread frosting into. You need to keep it in long strips of different colours instead of scooping it in like normal. It should come out like toothpaste with all of the stripes next to each other.

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