26 Mar 2016

Carrot Cake Crumble Bars

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Carrot cake is any cake made with… carrots. I’ve made carrot cake with pineapple, carrot cake cookies and carrot cake granola but I’ve never combined carrot cake and cheesecake… until now! These carrot cake bars have a carrot cake base, cheesecake swirled with carrot jam in the middle, then carrot crumble on top.

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21 Mar 2015

Carrot Cupcakes and Cake Pops

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The best type of cake – carrot cake. I planned to make mini bundt cakes but a lack of adequate greasing of my mould left me with half a batch of cupcakes and half a batch of crumbs. After wallowing in disappointment for a while, I decided that when life gives you crumbs, make cake pops!

Unusually, these have chocolate chips and nuts in. If you prefer carrot cake with no nuts, use 80g chocolate chips. I did an even split with 40g chocolate chips and 40g pecans.

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27 Feb 2015

Carrot Cake Granola

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My favourite type of cake – carrot cake, condensed into something you can eat for breakfast. This smelled exactly like a carrot cake tastes shen it came out of the oven. Keep it in an airtight container for around a week.

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23 May 2014

Tropical Coconut Carrot Cake

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I’ve tried a few variations on carrot cake.  Some include other random vegetables such as zucchini. This one has coconuts and pineapple – great for the start of summer.

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09 May 2014

Carrot Cake Cookies

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I love carrot cake and am proof that it is possible to survive entirely from it (long story). This makes 12 cookies.

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04 May 2014

Carrot Courgette Slices

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That’s a zucchini to American bakers. I made some chocolate courgette cupcakes last year which were interesting to try. These are like a cross between a carrot cake and gingerbread, with a fairly strong ginger flavour. If walnuts aren’t your thing, swap them out for any other nut or chocolate chips.

Sliced carrot cake

Cut into slices

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15 Feb 2014

Carrot Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting

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Carrot cake is my kryptonite, I lived off it for an 8 month period while I was in Uni. These cupcakes are filled with nuts and cocoa powder so are a cross between a chocolate cake and a carrot cake. I used a standard cream cheese frosting, but they’re sweet enough without if you prefer.

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