03 Apr 2016


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A traditional Mexican bread pudding made around Easter/Lent. It should really use piloncillo, a type of sugar shaped like a cone, but dark brown sugar can be used instead if you can’t find this. It uses cheese! The type of cheese is up to you – some suggest Monterey Jack while others use cheddar. Cheese tends to be more of a savoury ingredient, but there are some well known pairings in desserts – cheesecake, cheese and apples and cheese and biscuits. I used cheddar for this because it was all I could find. With hindsight, this may have been a bad choice – the taste was… interesting. This had a marmite type response with everyone who tried it – they either loved it or hated it. Good to try for Easter but not one I’d try again.

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28 Mar 2016

Creme Egg Brownies

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Chocolate brownies studded with Cadbury’s Creme Egg chunks. These were a tad on the gooey side, possibly due to me not cutting the Creme Eggs small enough and possibly because they should have been baked for another couple of minutes.

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26 Mar 2016

Carrot Cake Crumble Bars

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Carrot cake is any cake made with… carrots. I’ve made carrot cake with pineapple, carrot cake cookies and carrot cake granola but I’ve never combined carrot cake and cheesecake… until now! These carrot cake bars have a carrot cake base, cheesecake swirled with carrot jam in the middle, then carrot crumble on top.

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24 Mar 2016

Simnel Squares

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After last years success with Simnel cake, I wanted to try something the same but different for Easter this year. Last year’s simnel cake had a biscuit/pie crust on the bottom and cake on top (with marzipan of course), but this version is more like a cake with streusel on top. Considering fruit cakes are usual heavy, this is a pretty dense cake – not too dense but not like an airy sponge cake.

I used a mix of raisins, dried apricots and cherries soaked in rum and spices overnight, but you can mix up the ratio if you prefer one fruit over another – just keep the total weight roughly the same.

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24 Dec 2015


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A traditional Polish Easter/Christmas cake with chocolate, raisins and peanuts on a shortcrust base. I wanted to make this at Easter but with so many other recipes I didn’t get chance.

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05 Apr 2015


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Passover is 3rd – 11th April, and Rugelach are a Jewish pastry filled with cinnamon and raisins (and in my case, chocolate and raspberry). They’re easy to make and you can swap out the filling for endless variations. I made half cinnamon/raisin and half chocolate/raspberry.

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28 Mar 2015

Hot Cross Buns v2

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After a mediocre batch of hot cross buns last year, I wanted to try again with a tweaked recipe. This one was from Jamie Oliver and was at least on par with anything available in the shops. I served these with cinnamon butter, which was just butter with cinnamon and 1/2 tsp vanilla.

There’s a lot of prep work involved (or it seems that way), due to the yeast needing to proove. I prooved them overnight in the fridge, then again after shaping before baking. Read more

13 Mar 2015

Peanut Butter Brownies

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I’ve tried a few brownie recipes, but this is by far the best ever. In previous attempts, the top has always risen too much and broken off during baking or ended up crunchy, but these came out soft and light.

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27 Feb 2015

Simnel Tart

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A good use for the marzipan you probably have left over from Stollen at Christmas. This is similar to a Bakewell tart, but with marzipan and an almond crust. The marzipan balls on top are supposed to represent the Apostles, and there are supposed to be 11 of them, but I just scattered with randomly because I knew I’d be dishing this out to a few people.

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18 Feb 2015

Chocolate Easter Cupcakes

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Easter may be a way off yet, but these chocolate cupcakes start the ball rolling, with an army of Lindt bunnies ready for April 5th.

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