24 Apr 2016

Chinese Walnut Cookies

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Packed with walnuts, these crunchy golden brown cookies have a toasted walnut flavour.

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15 Dec 2015

Bündner Nusstorte (Swiss Walnut Pie)

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Somewhere between a pecan pie and a caramel tart, a Bündner Nusstorte has a pastry shell filled with walnuts and caramel. The original recipe didn’t use butter for the pastry, but mine wouldn’t hold together with just an egg, so I added 100g when mixing in the food processor so it was more like a regular pie crust. The pastry’s quite sweet, so if you have any scraps you can cut shapes with a cookie cutter and cover them in white chocolate to make white chocolate sugar cookies.

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27 Aug 2015

Shoofly Pie

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Shoofly pie is an Amish treacle tart. The name comes from needing to ‘shoo’ away the flies due to all the sugar. I added walnuts to the filing because I happen to like nuts and it seemed a smidge healthier than just sugar. Hence, my version is actually closer to a pecan pie (but with walnuts) than a traditional shoofly pie. You’re free to stick with the traditional version and omit these if you prefer.

I also had enough pastry left over to make a raspberry tart (instructions at the bottom).
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25 Dec 2014

Tropical Carrot Cake with Ginger

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One of my favorite cakes from 2014, I wanted to redo this and tweak the recipe since I last made Carrot Cake in May. This recipe includes ginger and raisins, as well as coconut, pineapple and, of course, carrots. For v3, I’d reduce the sugar slightly as the sweetness from the pineapple and carrots was borderline too sweet.

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26 Mar 2014

Coconut Coffee & Walnut Cake

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The texture of this is similar to focaccia bread in that it’s fairly dense, but is well complimented when sandwiched together with mascarpone filling. The coconut flakes were a twist which I’d do again.

Frosted and assembled coffee cake

Tripple sponge, mascarpone and cream cheese

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